Technical Program

08:00–08:20 Reception
08:20–08:30 Opening remarks by P. V. Kokotovic, F. J. Doyle and F. Bullo
Session 1: Network Control Systems
Chair: Bassam Bamieh
08:30–08:55 Infinite Chains of Vehicles
Bruce A. Francis
08:55–09:20 An Internal Model Principle for Consensus in Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Systems
Frank Allgöwer
09:20–09:45 Viewing Networks as Systems
Mehran Mesbahi

09:45–10:30 Coffee Break & Student Poster Session

Session 2: Network Optimization & Games
Chair: Brad Paden
10:30–10:55 Distributed Weight Balancing in Directed Graphs
Christoforos N. Hadjicostis
10:55–11:20 Mean-field Games for Fun and Profit
Sean P. Meyn
11:20–11:45 Distributed Constrained Optimization under Time-Varying Multi-Agent Interactions
Sonia Martínez
11:45–12:10 Multi-Period Optimal Procurement and Demand Response in the Presence of Uncertain Supply
Steve H. Low

12:10–2:15 Lunch Break

Session 3: Communication & Sensor Networks
Chair: Andy Teel
02:15–02:40 Resource Sharing in WiFi Infrastructure Networks and Infrastructure-less Ad-Hoc Networks
Laura Giarré
02:40–03:05 Brockett-Heisenberg Systems and Geometric Aspects of Control Communication Complexity
John Baillieul
03:05–03:30 Real-Time Estimation of Distributed Parameters Systems -Application to Large Scale Infrastructure Systems
Alexandre M. Bayen
03:30–03:55 Asymptotic Performance of Distributed Detection over Random Networks
Bruno Sinopoli

03:55–04:40 Coffee Break & Student Poster Session

Session 4: Autonomous Vehicles, Camera & Robotic Networks
Chair: Joao Hespanha
04:40–05:05 Prey Modeling in Predatory-Prey Interaction: Risk Avoidance, Group Foraging, and Communication
J. Karl Hedrick
05:05–05:30 Integrated Sensing and Analysis in Distributed Camera Networks
Amit K. Roy-Chowdhury
05:30–05:55 Self-Triggered Coordination of Robotic Networks for Optimal Deployment
Jorge Cortés
05:55–06:20 Planning and Decision-Making for Underwater Robot Teams - Algorithms and Experiments
Gaurav S. Sukhatme

06:20–06:30 Closing remarks by F. Bullo