Network Clustering: A Dynamical Systems and Saddle-Point Perspective
Mathias Burger (University of Stuttgart), Daniel Zelazo, Frank Allgöwer

Heterogeneous Battlefield Sensor Networks: A Bio-Inspired Overlay Architecture
Jerry Burman, Joao Hespanha, Upamanyu Madhow, Daniel Klein, Jason Isaacs (UCSB), Sriram Venkateswaran, Tien Pham

Sequential Decision Aggregation
Sandra H. Dandach (UCSB), Ruggero Carli, Francesco Bullo

Synchronization and Kron Reduction in Power Networks
Florian Dörfler (UCSB), Francesco Bullo

Discrete Partitioning and Coverage Control for Gossiping Robots
Joseph W. Durham (UCSB), Paolo Frasca, Ruggero Carli, Francesco Bullo

Discontinuous Feedback in Consensus-Seeking Systems: Bounded Confidence, Quantization, Hysteresis
Paolo Frasca (Politecnico di Torino), Francesca Ceragioli, Claudio De Persis

Nash Equilibrium Seeking for Games with Non-Quadratic Payoffs
Paul Frihauf (UCSD), Miroslav Krstic, Tamer Basar

Combinatorial and Geometric Optimization over Stochastic Data
Pegah Kamousi (UCSB), Timothy Chan, Subhash Suri

Designing Games for Distributed Optimization
Na Li (Caltech), Jason Marden

The Application of Domain of Danger in Autonomous Agent Team and Its Effect on Exploration Efficiency
Shih-Yuan Liu (UC Berkeley), Jared Garvey, Karl Hedrick

Opinion Dynamics in Heterogeneous Networks: Convergence Conjectures and Theorems
Anahita Mirtabatabaei (UCSB), Francesco Bullo

Network Clustering: A Bio-Inspired Algorithm for Synchronizing Networks of Pulse Coupled Oscillators Through Wireless Channels
Felipe Nunez (UCSB), Yongqiang Wang, Francis J. Doyle III

Cyber-physical Systems under Attack: Models, Fundamental Limitations, and Monitor Design
Fabio Pasqualetti (UCSB), Florian Dörfler, Francesco Bullo

Formation Coherence in Networks with Noisy Consensus Dynamics
Stacy Patterson (UCSB), Bassam Bamieh

Optimal UAV Coordination for Target Tracking using Dynamic Programming
Steven A. P. Quintero (UCSB), Francesco Papi, Daniel J. Klein, Luigi Chisci, Joao P. Hespanha

Energy-based Voronoi Partition in Constant Flow Environments
Yu Ru (UCSD), Sonia Martinez

Distributed Implicit Timing Synchronization for Multihop Mesh Networks
Sriram Venkateswaran (UCSB), Upamanyu Madhow

Decentralised Minimal-Time Consensus
Ye Yuan (Cambridge), Guy-Bart Stan, Mauricio Barahona, Ling Shi and Jorge Goncalves