About Me

After growing up in California I went to Carleton College in Northfield, MN and graduated with a Bachelors in Physics. After college I spent a year back in the San Francisco Bay Area where I worked on the startup phase of Stanford's first entry to the DARPA Grand Challenge autonomous car race. I was on the path planning team and the experience cemented my interest in pursuing robotics. Also during this time I was introduced to voting theory which has been an interest of mine ever since.

In Sept 2005 I came to the Mechanical Engineering Deptment at UCSB to pursue graduate studies in controls and robotics. I received my Masters in June 2007 for a project on controlling a particular dynamical systems phenomenon. I completed my PhD in June 2011. My PhD research focused on algorithms for teams of robots, including building a hardware test bed at UCSB. I now work at Kiva Systems and coordinate thousands of mobile robots to pick orders for customers of Amazon and other e-commerce companies.