Lectures on Network Systems


Francesco Bullo

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Center for Control, Dynamical-Systems, and Computation
University of California, Santa Barbara
bullo at ucsb.edu

Edition 1.5, Sep 1, 2021
332 pages and 178 exercises
Kindle Direct Publishing
ISBN 978-1-986425-64-3

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Citation information
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Short Slide Deck

An abbreviated version of the material in the first 10 chapters is available here: [PDF file]

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Why I decided to self-publish a print-on-demand book

There are several reasons why I decided to self-publish this book via the print-on-demand service by Kindle Direct Publishing (former Amazon CreateSpace). I appreciate the ability to:

As a combination of this flexibility, I typically polish and enrich the book every time I teach the course.

Similar arguments are presented in the write-up Why I Self-Publish My Mathematics Texts With Amazon by Robert Ghrist



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