Syllabus for “Network Systems” - Francesco Bullo, UCSB ME/ECE 269, ME125FB, Winter 2018

Homework is due on the Wednesday of 2 weeks after the corresponding lecture is taught.

Chapter #01 on Apr 3: “Motivating Problems and Systems”

  • additional introductory slides: (pdf)

  • ME/ECE269 Exercise 1.1 and 1.3

  • ME125FB Exercise 1.1

  • homework worked out in class, no need to turn in

Chapter #02 on Apr 5 and 10: “Elements of Matrix Theory”

Chapter #03 on Apr 12: “Elements of Graph Theory”

Chapter #04 on Apr 17: “The Adjacency Matrix”

Makeup Class on Wed Apr 19 by Dr Saber Jafarpour

  • topics = more content from Chapter 4 and two exercises from Chapter 2

Mon Apr 24: Francesco travels to IEEE CSS ExCom meeting

Chapter #05 on April 26 “Discrete-time Averaging Algorithms”

Mon May 1: Francesco sick

Chapter #06 on May 3: “The Laplacian Matrix”

Chapter #07 on May 8: “Continuous-time Averaging Algorithms”

Chapter #08 on May 10: “The Incidence Matrix and its Applications”

Chapter #09 on May 15 and May 17: “Compartmental and Positive Systems”

Chapter #11 on May 22: “Time-Varying Consensus Algorithms” by Dr Saber Jafarpour

  • no assignments for this lecture

Wed May 24: Francesco travels to American Control Conference: no class.

Mon May 29: Class is canceled for Memorial Day

Chapter #13 on May 31: “Nonlinear Motivating Problems and Systems”

  • no assignments for this lecture

Chapter #14 on Jun 5: “Stability Theory for Nonlinear Systems”

  • no assignments for this lecture

Chapter #15 on Jun 7: “Lotka-Volterra Population Dynamics”

  • no assignments for this lecture

FINAL PRESENTATIONS during Final’s Week: June 10-16 (Sat–Fri)

  • Final report due on Thursday June 15th at midnight, electronic, email to FB

  • Place: ME Classroom, EII 2243

  • 1st Meeting: Friday June 9th, 9am-12noon

  • 2nd Meeting: Monday June 12th, 9am-12noon

  • Teams and Topics, 1st meeting:

    • Sharad Chandra Shankar + Shara Rhagha Wardhan: topic 10: Distributed Kalman Filter

    • David Rower + Sean Wang: topic 5: Collective motions in planar robotic systems

    • Jorge Poveda: topic 12: Passivity in Network Systems + application to game theory

    • Emily Jensen + Henrique Anhel: Clock Synchronization

  • Teams and Topics, 2nd meeting:

    • Philip Wong + Daniel Forst: topic 15: Network Formation Games

    • Yuning Shen + Franklin Zheng: topic 4. Epidemics over Graphs

    • Xiaoming Duan and Zhiwei Zhang: Evolutionary Games and Population Dynamics

    • Celeste Bean + Elizabeth Huang: Power Networks