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Francesco Bullo

Professor and Chair
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Center for Control, Dynamical Systems, and Computation
College of Engineering
University of California at Santa Barbara

Mechanical Engineering
2325 Engineering Bldg II, UCSB
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-5070, USA
Email: bullo at
Tel: +1 (805) 893.5169, Fax: +1 (805) 893.8651
Office: Engineering Bldg II, Room 2325

2015 Dec: CDC 2015 Plenary talk: (pdf)
2015 Dec: IEEE CSS Distinguished Member Award
2015 Nov: Lectures on Robotic Planning and Kinematics, by F. Bullo and S. L. Smith, v0.91
2015 Oct: Florian Dorfler wins the Best ME PhD Thesis, 2015
2015 Aug: new MURI project on Quantitative Network-based Models of Adaptive Team Behavior
2015 June: Commencement for Rush Patel, Pushkarini Agharkar, John W. Simpson-Porco and Deepti Kannapan
2015 May: Keynote, 15th Anniversary Celebration, Mechanical Engineering, UC Riverside
2015 Apr: 2015 UCSB Outstanding Mentor Award
2015 Apr: Giuseppe Notarstefano wins an ERC Starting Grant
2015 Apr: Rush Patel completes his PhD
2015 Jan: Ketan Savla wins an NSF Career Award
2014 Oct 24-25: 50th Anniversary Celebration, UCSB Mechanical Engineering
2014 Oct 14-16: Plenary at XVI Latin American Congress of Automatic Control, Cancun, Mexico
2014 Summer: Article on Synchronization and power sharing for droop-controlled inverters in islanded microgrids wins 2014 IFAC Automatica Best Paper Award
2014 Jul: Florian Dorfler starts as Assistant Professor at ETH Zurich
2014 May: SIAM News item covering our work on opinion dynamics
2014 Jan: new UCSB IGERT Program in Network Science
2013 Summer: Fabio Pasqualetti starts as Assistant Professor at UC Riverside
2013 Summer: starting my tenure as Mechanical Engineering Department Chair
2013 Spring: Article on Gossip coverage control for robotic networks wins 2013 Best Paper Prize, SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization
2013 Spring: UCSB CCDC Workshop on Vistas in Control
2013 Winter: Fabio Pasqualetti wins the Best ME PhD Thesis, 2012-2013
2012 Fall: Fabio Pasqualetti and Vaibhav Srivastava complete their PhDs
2012 Nov: Plenary speaker at the 12th DARS in Baltimore
2012 Sep: 2012 IFAC NECSYS in Santa Barbara
2012 Summer: Ketan Savla starts as Assistant Professor at USC
2012 Jul: Semi-Plenary speaker at the 20th MTNS in Melbourne
2011 Aug: NSF CPS Award on Power Grids
2011 Jul: Plenary speaker at SIAM Conference on Control and Its Applications
2011 Jun: Hugo Schuck Best Paper Award, American Automatic Control Council
2011 Jun: The 2011 Santa Barbara Control Workshop
2011 Jun: Sandra Dandach and Joey Durham complete their PhDs

ME 269: Network Systems: Dynamics and Control (Spring 12, Winter 2014, Winter 2016)
ME / ECE 179P: Robotics: Planning and Kinematics (Spring 05-07, 09-11, Fall 11, Winter 13, Spring 14, Spring 2016)
ME 243A / ECE 230A: Linear Systems I (Fall 11, Fall 13)
ME106A / ECE147C: Control Systems Project (Spring 13)
ME 225FB: Distributed Control of Robotic Networks (Fall 07-10)
ME 155A: Control Systems Design (Fall 04-07)
ME 225FB: Geometric Control of Mechanical Systems (Winter 06)

LRPK Cover Page DCRN Cover Page GCMS Cover Page
Lectures on Robotic Planning and Kinematics, by F. Bullo and S. L. Smith, v0.91, Nov 2015 (available for download)
Distributed Control of Robotic Networks, by F. Bullo and J. Cortés and S. Martínez, Princeton, 2009, ISBN 0691141959. (available for download)
Geometric Control of Mechanical Systems, by F. Bullo and A. D. Lewis, Texts in Applied Mathematics, Springer, 2004, ISBN 0387221956

Publications: updated list of papers and technical reports, including:

Slides: some indicative presentations.

Graduate Students Former Students and their theses
Pushkarini Agharkar "Vehicle routing and patrolling" (Ph.D., ME UCSB, 2015)
John W. Simpson-Porco "Distributed control of inverter-based power grids" (Ph.D., ME UCSB, 2015), Visiting Scientist, ETH
Rush Patel "Robotic surveillance and deployment strategies" (Ph.D., ME UCSB, 2015), Senior Engineer, Northrop Grumman
Florian Dorfler "Power grids and complex oscillator networks" (Ph.D., ME UCSB, 2013), Assistant Professor, ETH Zurich
Anahita Mirtabatabaei "Opinion dynamics in social networks" (Ph.D., ME UCSB, 2013), Research Engineer, Bosch Research and Technology Center
Fabio Pasqualetti "CyberPhysical security and minimalist robotics" (Ph.D., ME UCSB, 2012), Assistant Professor, UC Riverside
Vaibhav Srivastava "Optimization strategies in mixed human/robotics teams" (Ph.D., ME UCSB, 2012), Postdoc, Princeton University
Joey W. Durham "Exploration and partitioning policies for robotic networks" (Ph.D., ME UCSB, 2011), Senior Research Scientist, Kiva Systems
Sandra H. Dandach "Distributed decision making" (Ph.D., ME UCSB, 2011), Senior Researcher, SocialCode
Karl J. Obermeyer "Visibility problems for sensor networks and UAVs" (Ph.D., ME, UCSB, 2010), Research Scientist, Numerica Corporation
Shaunak D. Bopardikar "Cooperative pursuit strategies" (Ph.D., ME, UC Santa Barbara, 2010), Senior Research Scientist, UTRC
Stephen L. Smith "Task allocation for robotic networks" (Ph.D., ME, UC Santa Barbara, 2009), Assistant Professor, University of Waterloo
Sara Susca "Boundary estimation and patrolling" (Ph.D., ECE, UC Santa Barbara, 2007), Project Manager, JPL
Nikolaj Nordkvist "Motion control along relative equilibria" (Ph.D., Math, Technical University of Denmark, 2008), Instructor, Leeward Community College
Ketan Savla "UAV networks with motion and communication constraints" (Ph.D., ECE, UC Santa Barbara, 2007), Assistant Professor, USC
Anurag Ganguli "Robotic networks with visibility sensors" (Ph.D., ECE, University of Illinois, 2007), Sr Member of Research Staff, Palo Alto Research Center
Giuseppe Notarstefano "Optimization strategies for robotic networks" (Ph.D., Information Eng., Universita' di Padova, 2007), Assistant Professor, Universita' di Lecce
W. Todd Cerven "Efficient hierarchical global motion planning" (Ph.D., AAE, University of Illinois, 2003), Senior Engineer, Aerospace Corporation
Gregory J. Toussaint "Robust control for nonlinear underactuated systems" (Ph.D., ECE, University of Illinois, 2000), Assistant Professor, USAF Academy

Former Research Associates
Sonia Martínez, UC San Diego, Professor
Jorge Cortés, UC San Diego, Professor
Kurt Plarre, ALMA Observatory, Analyst
Ruggero Carli, Universita di Padova, Assistant Professor
Gábor Orosz, University of Michigan, Assistant Professor
Peng Jia, Assistant Project Scientist, UCSB

Francesco Bullo is a Professor with the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He received the Laurea degree "summa cum laude" in Electrical Engineering from the University of Padova, Italy, in 1994, and the Ph.D. degree in Control and Dynamical Systems from the California Institute of Technology in 1999. From 1998 to 2004, he was an Assistant Professor with the Coordinated Science Laboratory at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

His main research interests are network systems and distributed control with application to robotic coordination, power grids and social networks. He is the coauthor, with Andrew D. Lewis, of the book "Geometric Control of Mechanical Systems" (Springer, 2004, 0-387-22195-6) and, with Jorge Cortés and Sonia Martínez, of the book "Distributed Control of Robotic Networks" (Princeton, 2009, 978-0-691-14195-4). He is an IEEE Fellow. His students' papers were finalists for the Best Student Paper Award at the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (2002, 2005, 2007), and the American Control Conference (2005, 2006, 2010). His articles received the 2008 IEEE CSM Outstanding Paper Award, the 2011 Hugo Schuck Best Paper Award, the 2013 SIAG/CST Best Paper Prize, and the 2014 Automatica Best Paper Prize. He has published more than 250 papers in international journals, books, and refereed conferences. He has served on the Editorial Boards of "IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control," "ESAIM: Control, Optimization, and the Calculus of Variations," "SIAM Journal of Control and Optimization," and "Mathematics of Control, Signals, and Systems".

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